North, South, East, and West… music is a common denominator uniting the hopes, fears, stories, and dreams of people around the globe. It evokes emotional responses, deepens spirituality, conjures tales, connects us to the human condition, and challenges us to respond.   People in every culture and on every continent compose, make, and/or enjoy the art of sound. Its palette differs from age to age and culture to culture, but there is unity in the understanding and enjoyment of it.

We invite you to join the Fort Collins Symphony for its 68th season, a Season of Diversity. Over the course of five Masterworks concerts, you will experience a range of remarkable international and regional symphonic music that will carry you into the realms of familiar and new. No longer isolated by region, the world of sound has become a universally shared experience. The rhythmic pulse of Chinese drums, the haunting echoes of a Native American cedar flute, the lilting draw of a French bow over a viola string, and the toe-tapping vibrancy of a Latin tango all serve to deepen our appreciation of the craft of music.

We have created an exciting season that offers you a taste of composers and artists who represent the richness of this creative art form. You won’t want to miss this season of musical diversity… diversity that ultimately unites us all!

Maestro Wes KenneyFCS Music Director

10% discount for NEW Season Subscribers!!

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