JANUARY 18, 2018


For 65 years, the Fort Collins Symphony’s Youth Education Series (YES) concert has enchanted and entertained 4th and 5th grade students in Larimer County. The YES concert is the first opportunity for most students to experience a live performance of professional symphonic music. The concerts have become a flagship music education program in Northern Colorado with many students acknowledging the concerts inspired them to join band or play in an orchestra.


Under the direction of Maestro Wes Kenney, the 56-piece orchestra gave four performances of “A Major-minor Mystery” on January 19, 2017 at Timberline Church. The students had the opportunity to hear guest artist Greg Smith narrate the original piece he penned. The orchestra also played Rossini’s Overture to The Barber of Seville, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Suite, and John Williams’ Olympic Fanfare. A live-camera feed (broadcasted on large screens) focused on individual members of the orchestra, thus providing students with an up-close view of how instruments are played.

childrens-concert2A Major-minor Mystery is an exploration of music’s major and minor tonalities disguised as a “who-dunnit.” Chapter by page turning chapter the cunning and comical major-minor sleuth, Inspector Beckensteiner, investigates a concert where major suddenly becomes minor. The inspector suspects everyone, including the audience. The culprit is revealed in a surprising reenactment of the ill-fated concert.

The 2017 YES concert was made possible with the generous support of Banner Health, City of Fort Collins Fort Fund, Kaiser Permanente, Colorado Creative Industries, Bohemian Foundation, Fan Foundation, Poudre School District, and Flood & Petersen. The Fort Collins Symphony wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to Timberline Church for hosting the concerts.


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