FREE Open Rehearsals

7:00pm | Lincoln Center

Join us one and all! Bring your kids and watch as the Fort Collins Symphony rehearses for an upcoming concert. Held at the Lincoln Center, 417 W. Magnolia, Fort Collins on the Thursday prior to each Masterworks concert, this is a casual night where the performance hall is open for you to come and go as you please. There’s even a kids’ table with crafts!

Los esperamos a todos en este ensayo libre que nos ofrece La Orquesta Sinfónica de Fort Collins. Este evento es totalmente gratis y tendrá lugar en el Lincoln Center. Ésta será una noche informal y relajada en la que el auditorio estará abierto para usted y toda su familia. Además, habrá una mesa para que los chicos se entretengan con juegos infantiles.

A Fort Collins Symphony open rehearsal is an actual, preparatory rehearsal. Sitting in on an open rehearsal gives you a birds-eye view into the complex and fascinating process the Symphony goes through in its quest for musical perfection. Unlike Masterworks performances, rehearsals involve stopping and starting the music as well as verbal dialog and direction between the conductor and the orchestra and the conductor and the soloist. After watching how this process unfolds, you may just want to come and see the final, fabulous product when all musicians are in full concert dress and the hall is full of fellow classical music appreciators.