Susan Greer


Susan Greer and her husband, Charles, are believers in the adage, “Fort Collins is a terrific place to raise children and to retire.” Growing up in Fort Collins established their strong values for education and the arts, especially music.

Susan pursued a career in education, spanning 42 years, which included university-level teaching, teacher training, language evaluation, and program administration. Living in Asia, Europe and the U.S. gave her many fascinating educational and career experiences. She has a BA, MA and PhD.

Starting piano lessons in Second Grade, Susan fell in love with the flute in Fourth Grade when she heard it played solo at a Fort Collins Symphony concert; after graduating from college, she played and taught the flute for more than 4 decades.

Now in Fort Collins, retired and close to family, Susan has a quest to support organizations featuring education and the arts, to show gratitude for her formative years. Serving the FCSA Board is logical considering the long-lasting role in her life of education and music, the latter of which started at that Symphony concert in Fourth Grade.

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