Maestro Kenney: " What would happen to the music of Mozart if musicians stopped taking the responsibility of making sure Mozart sounded like Mozart? "   Liberty Common School 4th grader:  " Mozart would start to fade away. "
From our “Symphony in the School Program”
" Attending the Thursday Evening Practice Session focuses my enjoyment of Saturday's performance. Our Maestro's direction pulls a wonderful sound from our professionals. I can even hear a difference in the music after his directions. "
Attended an Open Rehearsal
" We did a lot of hand holding and smiling during and after the performance. We made eye contact throughout the entire performance and it was like soul traveling. "
B Sharp Participant
B Sharp participant who attended concerts last Season
" I am writing to thank you for paying for Timnath Elementary’s 4th and 5th grade field trip. I enjoyed everything, but what I admired most was the performance of the “Thrill of the Orchestra” and how the Symphony told about some of the history of the songs. One of my personal favorites of the songs was “Carmen.” I really like the expression or life of the song. In other works I like the “color,” like what Wes Kenney said to us. Once again, thank you for paying for the symphony, the bus ride, and everything else I mentioned. I had a breath taking experience. Thank you! "
Sincerely, part of your awe-inspired audience, RAYMOND
Attended our 2016 Youth Education Series Concert
" This performance last evening was spectacular! The Classical Symphony was played with spirit and contrast between movements. The violin concerto was played with great intensity and strength and virtuosity by both the soloist and the orchestra. I loved being introduced to the melodic and dance-like Bizet Symphony in C. The oboe solo was fantastic; when does this oboist take a breath! "
Attended the Masterworks concert on November 5, 2016
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