FOS Membership Fundraising


In 2016-2017, Friends membership donated $8,000 to sponsor the FCSO performance of the Masterworks #4 at Lincoln Center, $5,750 to support the performance of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” as Grand Finale of the 2017 Musical Zoo, and $5,000 to establish a FCSA International Music Exchange Fund. Further donations included $250 in support of Composer Talks and $250 for FCSO rehearsal refreshments. Our annual donations thus totaled $19,250.00 beyond those from the FOS Endowment fund.

Friends/Guild have generated over $1 million of financial support to the Symphony since the first fundraising event in 1964. We are the largest single donor to the Symphony!

The Friends have agreed to again sponsor a Masterworks Performance in 2017-2018, which will be the Masterworks Concert #4, in March 2018. The Friends will provide volunteer support to smaller fundraisers developed by FOS and the FCSA as they arise and to other Symphony activities.

We will keep you posted on fundraising and other Friends events throughout the year through our website, newsletters and special invitations. See you there!

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