Maestro Kenney’s Adventures in Vietnam – Part 2

December 28 The Sheraton Hanoi serves an international clientele and the breakfast in the lobby restaurant shows it. There are stations for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, plus western tastes. The chef makes great omelets at the egg station, there are unusual fruits, lots of pastries, and of course pho, the traditional Vietnamese soup with vegetables. It seems like a fitting start to our ten days in this country for we will discover that one of the best parts about it is the food. This will be demonstrated in ample amounts every time we sit down for a meal with people. Today's…
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Maestro Kenney’s Adventures in Vietnam – Part 1

December 25 to 27: There is something to be said about international travel in regards to patience. The cliche "hurry up and wait" absolutely applies here. At the LAX international terminal we waited an hour to check in at the desk, then another hour to get through security (it WAS Christmas and they had only one TSA agent looking at . least he was in a good mood.) After a 13 hour flight to Seoul and then a 5 hour flight to Hanoi, we then waited a couple of hours to get our Visas in working order collected our…
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